Bad Cops

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Bad Cops

Bad Copy Diaries Book 2

I had read the prequel so of course I had to read this. I enjoyed it even more than LAID. Note, if you are looking for emotional love and an outpouring of feelings, look elsewhere. Gritty and raw, Jack and Lucky’s relationship is more male. While they care for one another and are affectionate, and I believe falling in love, they are also no nonsense. This story focuses on Jack while Lucky is away on a mission, and how he deals with the temptations that present themselves. Will Tallman, his ex, is enticing and provoking him for some reason. While Jack promises Lucky he will be faithful, he’s not that sure of himself. We get a front seat to watch him handle what Will throws his way.

Different and kind of like a peep show, this quick read was provocative and erotic, while giving us a little look at the private life of Jack. Funny at times, the constant questions about his possible weight gain added levity. Where did he think all those donuts were going? A good read.

Book Blurb for Bad Cops

Pages: 58
Flame Rating: Supernova
Genre: Gay, m/m, Action

Jack Cannon's sexy ex Will Tallman is a cop on the take...there's nothing worse than a bad cop...or are appearances deceiving?

In this sequel to LAID, hot shot cop Jack Cannon is back in action. With his lover Lucio out of town on assignment, Jack has too much time on his hands and too much aggression to wait patiently at home for him.

With a multi-department takedown of a drug and gambling ring exposed in an old LA warehouse, Jack slips inside the ruined, crumbling building for some solo fun...except that a few other cops...and a bad guy or two have the same idea...some guys are just born to be bad...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 3.75