Back in Your Arms

James and Carolina had a relationship a year ago.  Carolina didn’t know exactly what James did, only that he worked for the government and would be gone for intervals.  But a year with no word?  With her friends and sister pushing her, Carolina is ready to move on and find someone to fill the void he left.  What are the odds he would show up on the night she wore a dress that drove him wild?

James has been undercover for a year.  He was betrayed, beaten and left to die.  Now on the mend, he checks out of the hospital and rehab and is going to find the woman he left behind, and this time he’s going to keep her close.  Because he cares for her, she’s in danger from his enemies.  He wants a future and family with Carolina and that means taking out his enemy, any way he has to. 

I really liked the premise of James getting back to Carolina at all cost and then keeping her safe.  While the scenario can go from romantic to creepy, this one did not.  Yes he was domineering, but Carolina was no shrinking violet and didn’t let him steamroll her.  The story moved at a good pace, the drawing together of his and her “forces” to fight the enemy made for a lively story, with the promise of a sequel.  While there were multiple encounters between James and Carolina, I would have liked them to be a little more drawn out.  All in all an entertaining read.

Book Blurb for Back in Your Arms

As a member of the elite United States Marines Special Forces team Force Recon, James Burckhardt puts his life on the line every time he goes out on a mission to serve his country. Their assignments are dangerous yet critical, but James, along with his Force Recon team lived for them all.

Until he met Carolina.

Carolina de Anda thought she could handle being a military man’s girlfriend, but when James goes off on a mission and she doesn’t hear from him since, Carolina decides enough is enough. Her sister Maribel and friends want her to forget he ever existed, yet Carolina knows that’s impossible, especially when James shows up on her doorstep after a year of nothing with more physical and mental scars than he’d had when he’d left.

After a harrowing mission where he was betrayed and taken captive by the Russian mob he’d been sent to infiltrate, James knows he has to wage an even fiercer fight to return to Carolina’s good graces. But when the mob follows James home, it will take him, Carolina, her sister, his best friend and second-in-command to hold them off. Will James be able to defeat his international foes? Will Carolina surrender to the passion between her and James that cannot be denied?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 3.25