Cyborgs: More Than Machines, #7

So that's where they come from! We finally get an answer of the genesis of the cyborgs but are left more confused than before. Why? You'll have to read to find out.

We met One in the last book and I was hooked from the start. One has adopted the name Lilith and she's awesome but also disturbingly innocent and violent. Her understanding is elementary and literal at times when it comes to interacting with humans, leading to some interesting situations. She's never been loved and it shows but when she meets Avion, things start to change. Their love story kind of took a backseat in light of all that is revealed in what is purported to be the last book in this series.

The human soul can't be replaced by nanos. That's what I got from this entire series. The arrogance of the humans who thought to harness what they didn't understand and then use it for what basically amounts to evil sums up what is wrong with the human race. We are a self-destructive people, often likened to a virus, and the actions read about in this book go a long way to supporting that since I have no doubt it is how our military would act if presented with such an opportunity.

But alas we are not the worse things out there, and that was a major tease to me which the author threw in at the end of the book. Really? I hope the author starts a new story arc, focusing perhaps on the offspring of the other cyborgs unions I've read and enjoyed. And I will certainly miss the snark.

Book Blurb for Avion

His system is shutting down, but he's determined to keep a promise - even if it kills him.

Being a cyborg was so much better when all his parts worked. Avion's nanotechnology stopped functioning after some experimentation done on him by the military. They broke him and now, Avion is no better than a human, even more annoying, he's dying.

But at least he completed his final mission. He saved, One.

Mysterious and alluring, Avion isn't the only person who wonders what surprises this woman hides. The human military and their alien allies fear what she's capable of and will stop at nothing to destroy her. However, the one thing they didn't take into account is that the cyborgs always protect their own, and they aren't afraid to use deadly force.

And no one could imagine the depths One will stoop to in order to protect the man she loves.

The universe is about to change. A war is brewing. The question is, who is the real enemy, and what will the cyborgs have to do in order to survive?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.00