Athena's Hunger

Raised in forced solitude in the mountains, Athena knows something is different about her.  Never allowed alone for even a moment, she wonders why she warrants all the protection.  Now approaching her 25th birthday, the seclusion and lack of freedom are suffocating and she has to leave or go insane.  The only thing she will regret leaving is her three older “brothers” Gage, Jake, and Maverick.  Her parents and younger brothers act caring, but she senses something else behind the façade.

Gage, Jake, and Maverick know Athena is their mate.  They’ve know for years, and have just been biding their time.  But their parents have been biding their time as well, and their reasons are sinister and dangerous to Athena.  Determined to help her escape if she doesn’t attempt it on her own, they watch her run one night and follow her on her journey to discover who and what she really is.  But others will do anything to stop her, even murder.

I had a hard time wondering how a woman could be almost 25 and not question her environment or lack of freedom.  That really affected my enjoyment of the book, so I pretended she was 18 for my own peace of mind.  After that, I enjoyed the book and the revelations Athena made about herself and her “brothers” and what they actually meant to one another.  While I expected more heat from the romantic/erotic encounters they were still enjoyable.  A good read.

Book Blurb for Athena's Hunger

Genre: Menage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Shapeshifters, Fantasy, Romance
Pages: 142
Flame Rating: 4 Flames
Shifting Passions - The sequel to Seducing Serena - Athena hungers to be free, to search for the answers that have plagued her for years. But does she want to leave the three brothers she'd come to love and cherish behind?
Athena Brody knew she was different, sensed it even as a child. A virtual prisoner in her own home, she craved freedom, needed answers to the questions her parents had refused to answer. After weeks of meticulous planning, she escapes the cabin she'd grown up in and her over-protective, over-bearing adoptive brothers, determined to learn who she was and where she came from.
Three of Athena's brothers have lived with the knowledge that she was their mate since the moment their parents brought the little girl home to live with them two decades ago. The three eldest, Jake, Gage, and Maverick impatiently await the moment of her sexual maturity but realize only her own kind can enlighten her. When she leaves their mountain home to discover her past and still the hunger that gnaws at her soul, they're one step behind her, watching over her as they've always done.
But not everyone wants Athena to discover her roots, or the secret that has been hidden for decades, and they'll do whatever they must to keep that secret buried in the past--including murder.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 3.25