Asking for Trouble

Line of Duty, #3

Asking for Trouble about sums up Brent Mason. Hayden does everything to avoid it. When the two are brought together by their friend’s romance, they mix like “toothpaste and orange juice.” The sniping they did is what made this book so entertaining. At first the sniping was generic, then specific, then spiteful and finally affectionate. These two were like two porcupines who, when they finally figured out how to kiss, didn’t know how to stop.

Hayden is the poor little rich girl who is anything but. She feels indebted for her lifestyle and devotes herself to helping those less fortunate without advertising the fact. Brent is a man who cares about family and does all he can to help his in every way; emotionally as well as financially. The guys just see him as the abrasive buddy guaranteed to get a laugh. Why then does Hayden see the real man when those closest to him can’t?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series and this book was no exception. The language used is erotic and provocative and is what sets this author apart from the rest. Every woman wants to make a man lose control, and reading these books gives her a vicarious thrill that most otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience. Well written, no obvious stalker or danger lurking (other than Hayden’s own sense of indebtedness) and her mother’s hardhearted solution to a family problem. I look forward to the next book in the series.

Book Blurb for Asking for Trouble

Brent Mason and Hayden Winstead can't stand each other. She plans exclusive parties for her rich familys charities. Hes a rough and tumble cop who rigs explosives for a living. Could two people be any less suited for conversation? They think not and prefer to keep it that way.Unfortunately, their two best friends are deeply, disgustingly in love. Forced together, the mutual attraction simmering beneath the surface of Brent and Haydens non-relationship grows with every argument until it explodes into a scintillating night of mind-blowing sex. And it wont be the last, as far as Brents concerned.Hayden has a secret, though. Her fathers company is relying on a merger to save them from financial ruin, and only Haydens marriage to the CEOs wealthy son can secure the deal. If shes to protect her family, shell have to forget Brent. And he has no intention of being forgotten.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.50