Another Royal Dilemma

"Royal Desires" series, Book 2

Revisiting the trinity of Princess Tatiana, Prince Dimitri Buzek and Count Klaus von Essena a new dimension is added to their sensual relationship. Successful in removing Tatiana’s husband to Paris for a year so she can obtain her much desired divorce by claiming abandonment, her time has been spent taking care of her business holdings and succumbing to her men. After a short separation, they are once again united and exploring one another in a moving carriage when the door is flung open and a beautiful naked girl bursts into their coach. She needs help, only the kind they can give. Can the trinity find room for another and survive the change to quartet?
With a leap of imagination the author expands on her original story. Now committed to one another, the happy threesome can’t not help Majedah. Sold into slavery at a young age and still a virgin years later, she’s a commodity to be bartered. Finding herself sold to a sadistic Russian Prince, she flees her second story room naked. Running for her life in the winter she leaps into a moving carriage and finds herself rescued, in more ways than one. The creative solving of Majedah’s dilemma, while helping a member of the peerage as well, makes for an entertaining read. With sex in all it’s different denominations scattered throughout the book, it was erotic as well. 

Book Blurb for Another Royal Dilemma

“Royal Desires” series, Book 2

In Czarist Russian, Princess Tatiana is a woman with a secret. Though she has managed to force her vile husband into exile in Paris for a year—until she can legally obtain a divorce as an abandoned wife—her time in St. Petersburg has been a blur of sensual activity, thanks to the endless charm and inexhaustible sensual skills of her lovers, Prince Dimitri and Count Klaus. But when a beautiful young harem girl, fleeing for her life, naked and alone, suddenly burst into their life, the three must discover whether their love can withstand the tumultuous changes the girl brings with her.

Contains: m/f/m ménage, m/f/m/f menage a quarte; m/m; anal, voyeurism.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 3.00