Animal Instincts

Danika got the worlds sexiest present on her sixteenth birthday and didn't even know it. This is a short read so the author doesn't have much room to work with but I thought she did a good job putting so much effort into the establishment of the relationship between Tyler (Danika’s dad) and Damien. That’s the real wrench in the works as the story progresses and rightly so.

Danika is like any girl and is growing up with only her father, a former SEAL. Yeah, he’s a bit over the top so she’s used to that kind of man. When Damien enters the picture though, she sees a whole different side of that persona with the added element of the lion that is a major part of Damien, instincts and all. The difficult part is the age they meet (Danika 16/Damien 34) and the fact that Damien’s lion imprints on her. Four years later, the gloves are off and Damien goes for Danika, but life gets in the way.

Things get really messy when Danika and Damien proceed without informing Tyler (a courtesy). The story after that is really a lot of sex, very dirty language (thank you!) and posturing and possessive behavior on Damien’s part. Again, thank you. Danika isn't a pushover (thank you) and I liked how things resolved in the end. What got my attention was the steamy language in this read that was really hot and just this side of unacceptable. I recommend.

Book Blurb for Animal Instincts

Danika is too young and innocent, but also the daughter of Damien’s best friend. He should stay away, but he’s imprinted on her, and that means he has to have her.

Danika Harrison has loved Damien Locke since she knew what the emotion was. He might be older than her, but she doesn’t care because she wants him. When they share one night together and he tells her he has imprinted on her, she knows she is lost for the older man.

Damien, a lion shifter, and friend of Danika’s father, forced himself to leave his mate behind for four years. He’s imprinted on her, and that means he can’t walk away again. Now that his animal has awakened for her, he is obsessed, possessive for Danika, and can’t let her go. She is his and she’ll wear his mark to prove it.

Be Warned: rimming

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.00