All He Wants

A story in the Merry Kinkmas series.

Home for the holidays, Keith can’t wait to see Telly. She’s his best friend’s sister, but she’s also the woman he wants more than any other. After corresponding while he was deployed, they’ve grown close and he’s ready to move things to the next level. The fact that Telly is pregnant isn’t a turn-off for Keith. Nothing about her could turn him off. He just has to convince her that he wants her for all the right reasons.

Telly has shut down after the incident that left her pregnant. While she avoids the baby’s father she reaches out to Keith. The timing was never right for them and it seems it never will be now that she carries another man’s child. But Keith is having none of that. After they quit ignoring the elephant in the room, their attraction for one another explodes and the emotions that go with it follow. Telly tries really hard to convince herself that Keith is just being a nice guy and a martyr, and he fumbles a little bit, but he gets his message across. Very erotic with a bit of a pregnancy fetish going on, this was a great read.

Book Blurb for All He Wants

Marine Captain Keith Moss is home for the holidays and all he wants for Christmas is his best friend’s sister, Telly Johnson…and her belly. Her pregnancy is his new obsession.

When he discovers Telly’s body is easier to coerce than her heart, Keith finds himself facing the hardest mission of his life—convincing her to say yes.

Because, despite his enjoyment of her hormonally boosted sex drive, Keith needs more than a casual lover. He’s ready for a future and a family, and both involve claiming Telly—and the baby—as his own. 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.25