Alien Commander's Chosen

An absolutely fabulous story. You have to wrench a 5 rating out of me, so that kind of says it all. This was a creative story that had everything I look for. The world building was well done, the background story well defined and then the twists and turns started. The story moved along well with interspersed comedy and erotic interludes. There were also medical emergencies, acts of valor, stupidity and traitorous plotting.

Kede and Joyce should have never met, but they did and they stumble along in the beginning getting to know one another and their races learning how to communicate. The Doshan race is very literal, which makes for some fun episodes. As things progress we fall in love right along with Joyce and Kede and get angry as details of the Doshan hierarchy is revealed.

Kede was strong and a good leader to his men. He was kind of thrown by Joyce and dealt as best he could but like all "men" was essentially clueless, but he and his brethren have a better reason than most which is revealed later in the book. Kede is a keeper.

Joyce isn't a damsel in distress. She's plopped in a situation beyond her control and just goes with it, making friends and allies as she goes. There is a deeper reason for the agreement between Earth and Doshan that reveals itself as sinister as the book progresses, but no reason why. As things move along Joyce becomes a symbol to the Doshan military that couldn't have been anticipated. While the book doesn't end in a cliffhanger it has me rabid for more. A very entertaining read that had me mad, sad and laughing out loud.

Book Blurb for Alien Commander's Chosen

What does a too nosy secretary have in common with an alien? Nothing. Until she’s turned into an alien, too. And then, well, there’s everything.

Joyce’s life is mapped out: dead end job, after dead end job, until she is dead. At least, that is until Kede Tria—a Doshan alien—shows up and takes her away from it all. Literally. He’s overbearing, possessive, sexy as hell, and everything she never knew she wanted in a man, er, alien.

Of course, life happens and she discovers Death by Chocolate isn’t just a dessert, it’s a reality. Good thing Kede is there to save her… by making her Doshan.

Kede Tria is the Holder of House Tria, commander of the starship Vehly, and one of the most feared Doshan warriors. He’s also Joyce’s life mate—her harau. His curvy, deliciously lush mate just doesn’t know it yet. She was human and now she is Doshan, but through it all she remains one thing: his.

Kede will fight for what belongs to him. So, while others are intent on ending her life, they do not realize he will gladly end theirs.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 5.00