Aiden and Ky

Tales of the Shareem, #4

Imagine being so sexual that you could get arrested for drinking your coffee. That’s what happens to Aiden.  Now, he is a Shareem.  And the way he was drinking his coffee was rather sensual.  It’s not his fault the woman watching him is a member of the royal family and is hooked up to monitors for her protection.  Or that she has an overeager protection staff.  When his roommate and friend Ky tries to get him out of jail, and his scheduled termination, he gets thrown in with him.  Saved by their network of friends in the nick of time, Ky is angry and determined to make the woman, Brianne, pay.  But he’s a Level 3 Shareem, and his payment will be unique.

Oblivious of what has transpired, Brianne is horrified when she finds out.  Determined to make it up to the two men, she suddenly finds herself embroiled in a ménage that makes her question her celibate life and non-sexual future marriage.  What can she do to make things right for her two Shareem?

More than just their usual ménage, Aiden and Ky care for Brianne.  And Aiden’s long surpressed feelings for Ky are brought to the surface in the face of their termination.  Ky is dealing with his own issues, past and present.  His love for his friend Aiden could prove deadly thanks to his creators’ experiments.  Is Brianne the bridge between the two men?

If you haven’t read the previous Shareem books, you really must before reading this.  The story of the Shareem is progressive and you will be lost without the information from the previous books.  With the continuation of the Shareems’ evolution into faithful, if not monogamous, partners we are given more of a glimpse into the hell that was DNAmo.  The relationships between Brianne, Ky, and Aiden are complex and multifaceted.  Pain and soul searching are experienced by all parties, but the final goal is worth it; happiness and fulfillment.  Erotic and emotional, a wonderful addition to the ongoing saga of the Shareem.

Book Blurb for Aiden and Ky

Brianne, a woman of the ruling family, has never seen a Shareem, until she spies Aiden, a level one, in a coffee bar in the working-class part of town. Unknown to Brianne, her bodyguards arrest Aiden for even looking at her, and Aiden is locked away, scheduled to be terminated.

Ky, a level-three Shareem and Aiden's closest friend, is furious. He tries to extract Aiden, which only ends up in him being arrested alongside him.

Brianne, horrified, has both of them freed, but Ky wants to teach Lady Brianne a lesson to make up for almost getting Aiden killed. Aiden accompanies him, and Brianne finds herself alone in a train car with two Shareem men who have many things on their minds.

The incident has Ky bothered for more than one reason—it forced the feelings he's kept hidden for Aiden to surface. But such things are forbidden to Shareem, as he learned the hard way years ago . . .

Note: This novel is for readers over the age of eighteen. Contains scenes of delicious heat, m/m and m/m/f interaction, and star-crossed romance.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.00