A Wicked Wild Three Day Affair

Ever meet someone you absolutely couldn’t stand, but you wanted to bounce on them anyway?  Uh huh, you know what I’m talking about.  Grant and Monica are like fingernails and a chalkboard, but they can’t help it, they fall into bed together and then can’t seem to get out of it.  Blazing hot and erotic in a major way, this quick read illustrates that apparently the body can know what it wants before the brain can engage.

Grant was a chauvinistic snob, and not shy about it.  Monica was flashy in her style, and not shy about it.  Once the two agreed to disagree and ignore their differences in favor of their chemistry, things quickly escalated.  Monica got the last laugh, and Grant deserved the comeuppance.  The ending was adorable in light of how they began, and this was one read I couldn’t put down until I had finished it.

Book Blurb for A Wicked Wild Three Day Affair

Seasonal/ Contemporary/ Multicultural
It was supposed to be a three day affair, but Vegas lights, and wild, hot nights led to something so much more.

Traditionally, a best man and maid of honor are there to support the happy couple, and keep them as calm as possible before their wedding, which is the only reason why Grant and Monica haven't traded blows, even if they can't stop trading insults.

When Grant shows up to witness the quickie Vegas wedding of his best friend, he takes an instant disliking to the maid of honor, and the feeling is mutual.

Monica knows her style of dress is a far cry from conservative, actually not even close, but she is not the superficial, vapid gold-digger that Grant seems to think she is. After years spent as a gangly, unattractive shy geek, she has finally embraced her body and refuses to let anyone trample upon her hard earned confidence, especially not an old-fashioned, chauvinist snob like Grant.

From the moment they meet the fireworks fly, as they battle their attraction to each other, preferring to hide it behind their mutual animosity. But their attraction refuses to be ignored, sending them spiraling head first into a wicked, wild three day affair with more than enough heat to scorch the Las Vegas desert.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 3.75