A Strange New Breed

Nashe Wolfe is different. Born of two different species of were, he doesn’t fit in anywhere. There is no “one” for him since he himself isn’t “one”. Riddled with a past full of pain and disappointment, Nashe has issues. Or as one character describes Nashe, he has subscriptions!   His life is comfortable as he becomes owner of his own restaurant, but there’s a wrench in the works by the name of Terry Taylor, his cousin’s new mate’s best friend. He doesn’t like her, but he sure wants her. 
Terry has seen things most people wouldn’t believe. Shape shifters exist, and her best friend is marrying one. With Marissa’s mate Lukah comes Nashe Wolfe, his cousin. He’s cocky, high handed, and drives her absolutely insane, with desire. How can she want him, but not like him?

The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference and Nashe and Terry are anything but indifferent. The sparks starting flying in the prequel to this book, Pick of the Litter. I was hoping for more about Terry and Nashe, and boy did I get it. The drama and politics of the were universe continue and we again get a glimpse of how life is going for Lukah and Marissa. With her usual skill the author pens a compelling read that is also hot and edgy. With some parts that may be a little intense for readers (dubious consent), this author is always a must read for me due to her fabulous skill as an author. Not to be missed.

Book Blurb for A Strange New Breed

The awaited sequel to Pick of the Litter!

Nashe Wolfe is a strange and complicated man. When he meets Terry Taylor, things get even more complicated. He struggles against his own urges even as he becomes owner of his own restaurant, fighting his desire for the feisty woman.

Terry Taylor fights her attraction to Nashe. His cocky attitude and high handed ways drive her crazy. When he decides to intrude upon her life, she curses his name and the day she met him. Fighting her own desires, she tries to break things off.

Fate steps in. Nashe and Terry are forced together. Will they give in to their desires? Can Terry conquer Nashe's fears? Can Nashe and Terry find love?

Includes scenes of forced seduction and assault


Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.25