A Royal Dilemma

Book One of the Royal Desires series

In the days of Czar Nicholas and Czarina Alexandra, women were chattel. Owned by their husbands, with no rights and no property. But Princess Tatiana Antropov managed to keep control of her finances when she was forced to wed her titled but poor husband. On an allowance, Vadim manages to make Tatiana’s life a living hell. Hoping to catch him in something so horrible she is granted a divorce, she follows him to the seedy underground of St. Petersburg. But she’s the one caught in a horrible situation. Convinced she is to be raped and killed, she is miraculously rescued by Prince Dimitri Buzek and Count Klaus von Essena. Best friends and legendary lovers of legend, the duo are immediately taken by Tatiana and set out to free her from her husband while exploring her innocent untapped passion. 
Love really can reform the wicked. Dimitri and Klaus have played at love for years, but when confronted with the real thing with Tatiana, they are awed at the changes in themselves. Rather than fight one another for the woman they both love, they wait for her to choose. But she can’t choose, she loves them both. And so begins a relationship that Tatiana never imagined, and a trinity that can’t be severed. Titillating and taboo, the relationship that develops is a great read. The machinations to remove Vadim were inspired and romantic in the sheer extravagance Dimitri and Klaus use to accomplish their goals. Dimitri and Klaus are treasures, and Tatiana is no fool. While left hanging at the end as to how their relationship blossoms, never fear! There is another installment.

Book Blurb for A Royal Dilemma

Princess Tatiana Antropov is a denizen of the sophisticated salons of St. Petersburg, Russia, during the time of Czar Nicholas and Czarina Alexandra. Though her life seems filled with wealth, leisure, and luxury, the princess is so desperate to free herself from her savage and abusive husband that she even follows him to the opium dens and brothels that cater to the city’s wealthy and decadent. But at a moment of crisis, two men enter Tatiana’s life and change it forever. Prince Dimitri Buzek is a darkly handsome Russian with a flare for adventure and a taste for women; Count Klaus von Essena is a German with an almost legendary list of lovers. Together these three set out on a quest to free Tatiana from her husband’s cruelty while discovering the limitless possibilities of passion...

Contains: M/F/M threesome, F/F, public sex

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 3.25