A Mile High

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A Mile High

It's like the world conspired to get Olivia and Sal together. A series of events coupled with inconveniences and downright bad weather work seamlessly together to get the two tired and lonely professionals together. I liked that Olivia was basically a stone-cold bitch when it came to her business and her brother. Who says only men can be ruthless? Her revelation about her brother's girlfriend was also welcome and showed, to me, she can be soft when it’s warranted. When introduced to Sal her vacation to Hell quickly takes on a more interesting hue. Sex in the sky isn't something I've ever been interested in but it was fun to read about. And I have never seen first class like described in this book; if I had I might have fantasized about it!

A quick read designed to deliver a lot, and so it does. I felt I had a good handle on Olivia, but Sal seemed a little two-dimensional to me. Although those two dimensions are utterly perfect. The reader never really got a peek inside his head since the story was told from Olivia's point of view - I would have liked a little more about him to satisfy my own curiosity, and an epilogue would have rounded things out nicely as well. A good quick read when you have some time on your hands.

Book Blurb for A Mile High

Olivia wants a vacation, that’s all, but when the airline screws up her plans for a getaway to the beautiful Barbados, instead putting her on a new path that intertwines with the handsome, funny, and charming Sal, she can’t say no to his offer of joining the mile high club. Their meeting is explosive, attraction intense, and when the flight ends, Olivia is unwilling to part ways but unable to voice her wants. Still, fate is at work with its own plan, and where it finishes just might not be where it ends up.

There’s nothing quite like sex at a mile high.

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Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.00