A Melody in Paradise

Paradise #11

Melody has always thought her best friends “uncles” were hot from their photo, but that photo didn’t do them justice. In the flesh they set her ablaze with desire. It can’t be normal for a woman to desire two men.

Mitch and Wyatt have always wondered about Carmen’s best friend. When Carmen comes from school her scent is beyond enticing. And it’s not Carmen they are attracted to. When they meet Melody it becomes obvious she is their mate. Now they just need to claim her in the way of their kind, and protect her from the unknown predator stalking her.

This book is part of a series and I landed right in the middle of an established world. While it took a little to get my bearings it wasn’t that difficult, and the interactions with previous book characters piqued my interest. The sex was hot and of course erotic, and I felt sympathy for the ingenue that Melody displayed herself to be. Poor thing. A virgin and then two older, alpha males at her beck and call. But of course they expect something from her, and are more than willing to teach her. While not the read of the century it was entertaining, and I struggled a little with an ick factor based on Melody’s inexperience and innocence. But Mitch and Wyatt are honorable and possess morals and that eased the way for me to enjoy the story. The redefining of Carmen and Melody’s relationship was entertaining and further illustrated their youth and lack of maturity; not always the same thing. A good read.

Book Blurb for A Melody in Paradise

When Melody Madison, new first violin, first chair of the New Haven Philharmonic gets strange threatening letters from a deranged fan, she has nowhere to turn. With her family gone, she has only her best friend, Carmen and Carmen’s uncles to turn to. Can the men help her in her time of need and will she be able to keep her hands to herself so they can protect her?

When Mitch and Wyatt Baldwin meet their niece’s college roommate for the first time, they are shocked to realize that she is their much-anticipated mate. After years of waiting and searching, they find it difficult to believe she has been so close, but yet so far for the last several years. When they find she is being stalked by a fanatical admirer, they take her security into their hands. After all, it is their right and their privilege to protect what is theirs.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 3.50