A Major Attraction

Good to Go, #1

So Kyle and Olivia just "officially" met; they've been starring in each other's fantasies for months. I thought this was a cute and really steamy read. These two connect (in more ways than one) right from the start and it's all good until insecurities get in the way for Kyle. He acted out like a young boy instead of a marine when it came time to confront Olivia and that didn't sit well with me based on his previous behavior. I liked that Olivia took the high road and made him work for redemption.

The story was short and to the point and the first of three revolving around the Cava siblings and the Marine Corps. That's a definite plus. The settings the story took place in were well described and I had no trouble envisioning what the author was writing. Even though the couple didn't have any real history, I liked that they weren't total strangers just falling into bed. A good read.

Book Blurb for A Major Attraction

U.S. Marine Major Kyle Waters has recently returned home after months at sea. He desperately wants some well-deserved rest, but his pleasant dreams turn from downright sinful into a nightmare when he wakes up, his arms full of a deliciously naked and thoroughly panicked Olivia Cava--the woman he's been fantasizing about for months.

Kyle's scheming ex-girlfriend has maneuvered Olivia into a lease with the sexy man of her dreams. Olivia's a professional, a career woman who finds herself drawn to Kyle, as she's been since she first laid eyes on him. But growing up the daughter of a career military man, she's vowed never to get involved with a Marine. Yet Kyle stirs something inside her, and she finds herself saying yes when she means to say no.

Their life goals seem worlds apart, but love will find a way. Until Kyle's past relationship threatens to ruin the future he has only just found in Olivia. Can the truth set him free? And can Olivia put aside her five-year plan and her heartache to forgive a stubborn Marine bent on loving her...forever?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00