A Conquest Like No Other

The Fall of the Four Horsemen Book 2

Viper is my favorite horseman so far. He’s a renowned playboy who hits the brakes on his lifestyle the minute he meets Nikki. Not that he wants to, and in fact he resents it. He liked his life but soon appreciates the fact that he has a woman meant for him alone.

Nikki dreamed of a special man and children someday, but her boyfriend from hell ended that. But fate has something else in mind for her in the form of Viper. She has a lot of issues to work through, the least of which is trauma. Viper shows himself to be a true knight of old when he slows things down to a crawl and insists they get to know one another. As trust grows, so does Nikki’s feelings as well as Viper’s.

This was a much more romantic tale than the first in the series. The background story continued that was started in the first, as expected, but still not resolved. The fact that Nikki is best friends with Devil’s mate Gabby made for a cozy feel and the brotherhood of the horsemen is in imminent danger of being tamed. While it took a while to steam up the sheets, the wait was worth it. A good read.

Book Blurb for A Conquest Like No Other

When Nikki Greene is kidnapped by a crime boss, the last thing she expects is for an even more dangerous man to rescue her. She’s already survived one brutal attack by a man claiming to care for her. She’s not in the market for love, even though her tattooed hero awakens urges she never expected to feel again—and some she’s never felt before.

Viper, a renowned playboy, doesn’t want a mate. He likes the freedom of taking a different partner to bed each night. But the moment Nikki enters his life, his bachelorhood is doomed. Now he must work past Nikki’s trust issues to win a place in her life and bed. He’s determined to prove that her scars are only skin-deep and together they can have it all.

But trouble is coming for Nikki. A menacing presence lurks on the fringes of her world, waiting for the chance to prove to Nikki that revenge isn’t sweet, but it is deadly. Can Viper save her this time, or will he lose her for good?

Be Warned: anal sex, sex toys

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.00