A Baby for Chashan

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A Baby for Chashan

Dragons of Preor Book 9

Up front I have never liked Chashan in this series. His actions and words have been hurtful and somewhat racist, in my opinion, in previous books. Fortunately all it takes is a dying wish and a determined mate to turn him around.

This is a short story and was quite emotional. Chashan has always presented as cold but the author managed to warm up my perception of him. The tragedy of the Preor is made clear in the lack of offspring for Chashan and his mate and my heart went out to them. A hundred years and no product of their love and devotion must be hard to take.

In reading the previous books I don’t remember much about his mate but she’s a force to be reckoned with in this book. A quick read that took some dark turns but ended up leaving me feeling happy for the small family.

Book Blurb for A Baby for Chashan

A mother’s plea, a childless alien’s promise, and a Preor warrior torn between his mate and duty…

After a hundred years of mating, Healing Master Chashan thought he knew all there was to know about his mate, Heart Master Khaza. But the sudden presence of one adorable human baby shows him that he’s very, very wrong.

Now he has a choice: claim a human baby as his own and put joy in his mate’s heart, or turn the child over to human authorities.

Which will he choose? Honor or love?

This short story is set in the DRAGONS OF PREOR world and is a little bite of family life for those who fell in love with the Preor dragons.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 4.00