Were Fever

Were Legends

The author’s play on words gave the main characters a solid background. Alaura is a victim attempting to take back her life, and at times we get a brief glimpse of how fragile she truly is. As stated previously, this was a quick real; but the sexual encounter left little to the imagination; which was my sole purpose for reading this book. This eBook had me as a reviewer searching for the prequel to this story.

Were Fever is a short erotic story about Alaura, a young women who was severely abuse, beaten, and left for dead by her husband. Alaura is found by Shaw, and as she comes to trust him, her feelings for him begin to grow as well as his feeling towards her. Because of her abuse, Shaw was scared to approach Alaura and move to that next level in their relationship; and Alaura never thought she would feel safe again until Shaw. As Shaw and his pack trudges along with Alaura through the harsh terrains seeking a safer living domain; their desire for each other grows.

In one passion night, Shaw shows Alaura how much he loves her buy pleasing her and allowing his beta, Hagan, to play a part in their erotic encounter.

Book Blurb for Were Fever

A standalone erotic short story in the Were Legends universe.

After suffering abuse from her husband, Alaura never thought she'd feel safe enough to let another man seduce her...let alone two virile Weres. Alone in a cave, cradled within the heat of a man she'd grown to love and a friend she'd learned to trust, Alaura can't deny the intense need to be claimed by a wolf. Or two.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 3.50