Taken by the Sheikh

Kris Pearson starts Taken by the Sheikh off at a fast pace. The pacing and story easily grab the reader’s attention. She brings the story to light by using descriptive words that paint a picture of the characters. I usually go for shorter reads, but I did enjoy reading this longer story by an author who I will continue to follow.

In a distant country Laurel de Courcey is captured and kidnapped by terrorists. Unknown to the kidnappers, they have the wrong captive. One of her captors is Rafiq. Is he there as a rescuer or does he have a more diabolical part to play in her kidnapping? Rafiq orchestrates Laurel’s escape and he sets into motion a course of events that will change both of their lives forever. Will the love between Rafiq and Laurel be able to conquer the treacherous events that led to her kidnapping?

Book Blurb for Taken by the Sheikh

Abducted. Seduced. Purring.

Laurel de Courcey is captured by terrorists, chained up in a disgusting bunker, and videoed for a ransom demand which is shown worldwide.

Ooops - wrong hostage! Who'd expect a shy Kiwi nanny to be worth anything?

Laurel's soon tied up in Sheikh Rafiq's bed instead, because he rescues her and appoints himself her personal bodyguard. Very personal. But she has good reason to distrust men.

Imprisoned in his old royal hunting lodge deep in the desert 'for her own protection', Laurel rebels. Spectacular fireworks, dangerous escape attempts, and an impossible love affair follow.

Warning: contains one red-hot Sheikh with a wicked tongue and unlimited stamina.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.50