Taken by the Greek Billionaire

Criminal Seduction, 1

Taken by the Greek Billionaire, written by Emma Short, has all the makings of an erotic book. For the most part, it was an enjoyable book to read. There was a lot of repetition within the writing, and for some words a thesaurus was definitely needed. At times, I found the characters to be lacking and uninterested in the plot. Sebastian appeared to snobby; whereas Penny appeared whinny. Overall, the book wasn’t bad, but I feel like the characters could have been developed a bit more.


Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be a “cat” burglar, but fortunately for Penny “the cat” Matthews, it does. With a modern day Robin Hood twist, Penny Matthews and her sisters have come up with an eloquent scheme to rob the rich to protect the poor.

Deciding to opt out and not to go to a charity dinner, Sebastian Demetrious calls it a day and heads home. In the mist of Sebastian getting ready for his night in, he hears a sound. Surely, no one in their right mind would dare break into Sebastian’s home. Doing a visual check of his parameters, Sebastian sees a burglar. Angered at such brazenness, Sebastian confronts the thief. A heated battle takes place, and in a matter of moments, the thief is subdued and her identity is revealed.

Looking at Penny, Sebastian can only think of one thing, and it surely isn’t calling the cops on the beautiful burglar. Sebastian makes an offer, open your legs or go to prison. Penny not one to back down from an offer takes the first choice.

The passion is hot, and as Sebastian feelings grow stronger for Penny, Penny does everything in her power to keep their relations strictly sexual. In the end, can Sebastian see through Penny’s entire tough girl defenses, can Penny let go of her pass, or will her pass destroy the fragile bond that she and Sebastian have started to share?

Book Blurb for Taken by the Greek Billionaire

You can go to prison or you can open your legs…

Caught in the act of breaking into Sebastian Demetrious’ safe, Penny "the cat" Matthews, thinks her criminal run has finally come to an end. Only she doesn’t expect the choice offered by the super-hot Greek billionaire, a choice which isn’t really a choice at all.

Prison or his bed.

It’s no hardship for Penny to submit to Sebastian’s desires. If a barter is what it takes to win her freedom, so be it. But before long she finds herself thinking about more than just the job, more than just the money. Only she’s a thief and he’s a billionaire…and she’s hiding a secret that might just change everything.

Be Warned: anal play, bondage, spanking

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.50