Strangers No More

Skin Deep, Book Two

When it comes to News broadcasting, Whitney is a pro, but the world only hears her voice; they never see her image. Within the confinement of her cubical, Whitney hides her face from the world. Then there’s Jay, Whitney’s, BFF, he’s drop dead courageous and wants Whitney, but Whitney only sees her outside appearance while Jay sees the beauty within.

And, while Jay pines for Whitney, she is having hot erotic sex in pitch blackness with a guy only known as Stranger. Whitney may not know Stranger, but Stranger with his hot erotic Greek accent sure knows Whitney.

Unbeknownst to Whitney, her name is put up to have cosmetic surgery, and she is accepted into the Durban Trust for the surgery. When she gets the face that she has always wanted, will it be enough, and will she finally get the onscreen camera jobs that have always been aloof because of her appearance.

This book is set in today’s time, with recent currents News events; and at times you do feel for Jay and his issues from being a journalist in the war on the frontline.

This wasn’t a bad read; but personally, I couldn’t connect with Whitney. She was just so whinny. In all though, the depth of the characters as they struggled to overcome the obstacle made this book worth reading.

Book Blurb for Strangers No More

Strangers in the dark, meeting for anonymous, hot and dirty sex. That was the way it was meant to be. But Whitney is increasingly drawn to her Stranger, more than she should be. Even if once he sees her face, he'll run screaming. Then Whitney receives an offer from the Durban Trust for cosmetic surgery. Although she knows looks don't matter, they've cost her too many promotions. She has to change her face to change her life.

Her colleague Jay-reporter and thriller writer-has a secret to match Whitney's. He's her Stranger. He doesn't give a damn about her face, but how does he tell her? Now Jay has two secrets. He put her forward for the surgery. Once he tells her, she'll kick him out of her life, but he has to take that chance. He only wants her to get the job. Because she already has him. Hook, line and sinker.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50