Snatch Me

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Snatch Me

With the recent death of Jolie’s father, Jolie finds herself in a state of limbo. As her money dwindles down, she struggles to keep his repair store open in honor of him. Enter Mack, a mysterious handsome male who is on the prowl for Jolie, seeking assistance on his computer that just crashed.

In the process of fixing Mack’s computer, Jolie stumbles onto Quarterz, a virtual post- apocalyptic online world that allows Jolie to fantasize about her dark erotic dreams. Unknowing to Jolie, Mack is the founder of Quarterz. Through Quarterz, Mack is able to seduce Jolie and claim her, but when they enter back into the real world, will Jolie be able to let down her guard and let Mack in, or will she feel betrayed and run from a life with Mack?

This was a short read, and has potential of becoming a great story. The virtual sex is hypnotic, but for me as a reader, I could not connect with Jolie or Mack. It wasn’t just one particular issue, they characters didn’t flow.

Book Blurb for Snatch Me

From the moment Jolie discovers the Quarterz, a virtual post-apocalyptic world for capture role-players, she can’t resist the challenge. She’s chosen a hard game, where sexual submission to a captor is expected, demanded, no quarter given. She uses the challenge to escape real life and feels a sense of kinship to a world like the Quarterz, a society too broken to fix.

Mack created the Quarterz and took a gamble when he secretly lured Jolie there. He suspects he and Jolie share sexual interests that neither can admit in person. Now he has to hope that time in the Quarterz can help Jolie cope as she struggles to rebuild her life. He has to stand back and allow her to find her way in a game where he’s not always the captor. But when the game is over, he’s determined to be the one who wins Jolie for real.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.00