Scarred Beauty

Imperfection, 1

Scarred Beauty which is the first in Sam Crescent, Imperfection series, leads the reader on roller coaster ride of an array of emotions. The characters are well – written. From the start, the readers are left rooting for the emotionally disturb beauty, Isaac Welch, and the physically scarred Noelle Evans. Along with a strong plot and strong characters, the sex scenes are ultra-hot. The passion between Noelle and Isaac is felt from the start.

With writing that shows more then it tells, Sam Crescent is definitely an author whose work is worth reading.


At an earlier age from a horrific car accident, Noelle Evans, was left with a vicious scar down one side of her face. Since that day, Nicolle has lived with anger and shyness. Angered towards the person who caused the accident; and shyness because of the repulsive scar on her face. Feeling hopelessness and undesirable, all she truly yearns for is a man’s touch.

Isaac Welch, rich, handsome, and at any time, can have any woman at his disposal. He’s grown bored with casual sex, and women who want him just for his money. Isaac’s brother, Bradley (Brad) Welch, comes up with a plan to help Noelle get pass her inability of feeling unwanted. He sets Noelle up with willing participant Isaac via an escort service.

From their first meeting, the sparks fly and what starts off as an innocent meeting to pull a shy and lonely woman out of her introverted behavior leads to all consuming affair of Isaac wanting sole possession of Noelle body and heart. But the secret of their true meeting could lead to utter despair for Isaac and Noelle when the truth finally comes to light.

Book Blurb for Scarred Beauty

Noelle Evans has lived with a vicious scar down the right side of her face since she was in a car accident ten years ago. She doesn’t know what it is like to be touched, desired, or loved.

Isaac Welch is rich and stuck in a rut of loveless sex with gold-digging women. The moment Isaac meets Noelle, sparks begin to fly. He is intrigued by this startling beauty who has helped his brother.

What started as a game soon turns to blinding passion. Isaac must fight his growing feelings for Noelle. But she is about to learn the truth about their meetings. Will she ever be able to forgive his betrayal or will Isaac only ever have the memories of his time with his Scarred Beauty.

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.50