Their Obsession

Their Obsession by Eliza Gayle was a fun, fast-paced erotic read. One of my favorite parts was that the heroine, Jayde, was a full-figured woman who got not one, but two very hot hunks. I liked the fact that although Jayde was full-figured and had suffered a bit because of it, she didn't let it get her down and she had learned to love herself as she is. I could identify with Jayde on so many levels.

The three main characters; Jayde, Marc, and Aidan, were well-written and realistic. The emotional ties that these three characters shared was illustrated perfectly. I could feel the love and attraction flowing off of the pages. The scenes flowed from one to the next smoothly, and Ms. Gayle wrote in a captivating voice that had my attention right from the start. There were a few elements to the plot that became a little confusing, but all was explained in time. I would have preferred to have known a little more about what was going on, but the focus of this book seemed to be a little more on the characters and their emotions, and a little less on the actual plot.

If you are looking for a hot M/F/M menage with a little touch of the paranormal, then Their Obsession is just the book for you!

Book Blurb for Their Obsession

Marc and Aidan are Guardians and lovers, waiting on their third to complete them, the witch they've sworn to protect. When Jayde arrives, they are as anxious to get her into their bed as they are to fulfill their destiny--until they see the necklace they've been searching for around her neck. Now they have to take things slow, seducing her before they reveal the duty to which she has been called.

Jayde has returned to Hickory Falls to settle her grandmother's estate without a clue as to what she is in for. A secret antique puzzle box with a necklace and a note that only says Beware of the Obsession. A bakery everyone is anxious to see reopened despite her inability to cook and a pair of hunky too good to be true tenants living in the same house.

When the feisty witch denies her calling, the protectors will do anything in their power to convince her, but in the end, it has to be her choice. Will she sacrifice her heart to do what is right?

Sometimes free will is a bitch.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.00