Knight Stalker

Knight Stalker by Lora Leigh is a short novella, packed with heart pounding, breath taking passion and lust. Bliss and Cadan have been fighting their attraction for one another for a couple months, and when they finally come together it is truly an explosive joining. If this book has nothing else, it has a captivating erotic edge to it.

The premise of the story is quite unique and interesting. I really enjoyed Ms. Leigh's spin on vampires. I am a lover of paranormal stories and am always happy to get each author's spin on paranormal beings.  I was a bit disappointed with the development of the plot. There were clear hints about what is going on in this world, but only enough to not leave the reader confused. I considered it a bit like a tease. I got the idea of this awesome breed of vampires, Dark Knights, and a battle for good and evil, but never much beyond that.

Having said that, the erotic play, emotions, and interactions between the characters was excellent, as were the characters themselves. If you are looking for an emotional roller coaster and lots of erotic play from excellent characters, then Knight Stalker is the book for you.

Book Blurb for Knight Stalker

A centuries old vampire, or is he? Bliss St. Clair comes upon the man of her dreams as his lethally sharp teeth are biting into another woman's neck. He's a vampire. But he can walk in the daylight, a cross doesn't harm him, he's not dark and brooding, merciless or tortured. He's a charming bad boy with a rakish sense of humor and a wicked smile that heats every nerve ending in her body.

And he wants her. Not for the blood that runs in her veins, not for the essence of her soul which makes her a perfect candidate to enter his world. He wants her because the passion she arouses in him sets his heart and his soul on fire.

Now, Cadan Gaelan must protect the woman his heart has chosen from the menace of his world. The Dark Knights would tear her from him and use her for their own evil plans.unless he can convince her to accept him and the secret of his vampirism.

Publisher's Note: Originally available in the Manaconda anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.00