Great Sex for Hard Times

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Great Sex for Hard Times

Great Sex for Hard Times by Kim Switnicki is a very well laid out and written informative guide to improving your sensuality and sex life. Ms. Switnicki kept the tone of her book light and fun, while covering a wide spectrum of topics about the human body and sex. She provides simple instructions and illustrations, which made the book easy to understand and follow and an enjoyment to read. She also provides stories from real women and inexpensive exercises for the reader to try at home to spice up their sex life and make discoveries about their own body.

I was impressed by the information and ideas I obtained from this book. I plan to keep Great Sex for Hard Times by my bed so I can pick it up and pick a page to read here and there when my husband and I would like a little bedroom adventure.

Book Blurb for Great Sex for Hard Times

Sex any economy

Life's too short to make it all about work, worry, and anxiety. Now's the time for readers to ease their stress and increase their pleasure by incorporating great sex into the bedroom-and every room. Great Sex for Hard Times will coach readers through never-fail techniques, position them for passion, and help their erotic dreams come true.

There's never a bad time to discover...

•How to engage all the senses for electrifying sex

•Positions that yield enormous satisfaction

•Toys that will supersize playtimes

•Simple sex drive boosters

•G-spot secrets

And more!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.50