Sexual Healing

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Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing is a short novella, which can spell trouble, because it can be difficult to get enough character and plot development in such a short book. However, Moira Roger’s is a master at filling novellas with enough information to pack a powerful punch, and Sexual Healing is no exception.

Noelle is a powerful healer, so strong that she walks a fine line of control. She hasn’t yet met a man who can handle her power when it is unleashed. That is, until she meets Damon. He comes to the Garden, not by choice, but because he was commanded to do so. It was either go and take care of his mental health, or lose his career. Like Noelle, Damon has never met a healer who could handle him when he opens his mind to them. When Noelle and Damon come together, it is explosive passion and dark emotions.

Moira Rogers has created a magnificent world, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Top that with well-written characters that you can’t get enough of, and it makes for a very good book, regardless of the length. Moira never fails to deliver fantastic plots with in-depth characters. I loved this book, from beginning to end. Sexual Healing is perfect for a fast read that leaves you filled with emotion and wanting more.

Book Blurb for Sexual Healing

In another place and time, Noelle would have been a whore. On the space station Elysium she’s a healer, a receptive psychic whose ability to bring peace to the mind and heart makes her a valuable and prized companion. With war raging through the galaxy, her skills are needed now more than ever, but the battered men and women who come to her for comfort have left their mark on a soul growing steadily wearier.

Damon Antema is one of his quadron’s most skilled warriors, an elite fighter pilot whose powerful psychic gift makes him a formidable weapon. When an ambush destroys most of his unit, Damon’s mind threatens to shatter under the stress. Losing himself in Noelle and comforting her in return may give him the balance he needs, but letting go of her when it’s time to return to the front lines isn’t nearly so attractive.

The only way to keep from losing the woman who gives him the strength to fight is to convince her there are plenty of people who need her compassion and strength in the midst of battle–starting with him.

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Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.50