A Legend Arises and Accomplished

This book contains two short novellas, A Legend Arises and A Legend Accomplished.

I was drawn in right away by the strength of love and devotion that Ailig and Emma shared. Brynn Paulin didn't waste a single word in this short story. I could see the characters and their surroundings in my head. Even more powerful were the emotions. They were written so well and were so intense, I felt the love and tenderness, as well as the fear and anger. It has been a while since I have read a book that touched me as quickly and thoroughly as this short novella did.

I was then seamlessly carried into Emily and Alec's story. Again in this story, the vivid descriptions of characters and surroundings placed me right there in the book. Emily and Alec's story was even more intriguing and just a little more in-depth.

Emily has had a rough road and came out on top, but not without a few scrapes and scars. She may have experienced a few moments of hesitation, but I admired her bravery. Alec is a man who knows what he wants, and he has waited years for the moment when he meets Emily. I loved both of these characters and did not get nearly enough of either of them.

The flow in both books was smooth, as was the dialogue. I can't think of a single hitch in either story. My only complaint would be that I needed more from both stories. Each was so powerful and so well written, I can only imagine if they were longer, to build the characters and plot even more. This is the first work I have read by Brynn Paulin, but I know for certain that it will not be my last.

Book Blurb for A Legend Arises and Accomplished

Historical/ Contemporary/ BDSM/ Paranormal      
Legend has it that long, long ago, a great knight fell in love with a fair maiden...
A Legend Arises: Emma knew her entire life that she’d eventually marry Ailig and be the lady in his castle. But she had dreams of freedom which weren’t befitting to a lady of her standing. Still she yearned for Ailig and the unknown of his arms. As Ailig’s wife she learns her true freedom is in his arms and bondage is the emptiness she feels when they’re parted. Instead of wishing for freedom, she fears for her love’s safety while he does his king’s bidding.
Though she endeavours to hide her apprehension, Ailig knows of his bride’s anxieties yet duty to king and country compels him. Before answering each call to service, he promises to safely return.
But there are some perils that even a knight can't overcome...
A Legend Accomplished: Writer, Emily Harteger has been at loose ends her entire life, never quite fitting in anywhere she’s gone. She finds her place in the past amongst the knights and maidens she creates on paper. When a story idea comes to her in a dream, she’s compelled to travel to England on a trip she can neither afford nor justify. She’s drawn to the shores of Northern England where vivid pictures fill her head and she pens a lurid tale of Sir Alexander and his love Emagarde.
When she meets Alec Woods, the very embodiment of the man she’s visualised in her dreams, she’s drawn under his spell. Her visions of the knight and his love grow stronger and she wonders if the attraction she feels for Alec is real or the product of her wishful dreaming. Then they find a bottle containing a necklace and note identical to one she’s written about in her book...
Is this fantasy or something else entirely?
Reader Advisory: This story was released as part of the Legend Anthology by Total-E-Bound.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.50