Too Hot

This was one hot story!!! Have you ever seen a guy (or girl) that just turned you on beyond belief? Like that you actually walked away from that person thinking naughty thoughts, wanting that person, desiring that person and having no idea where that lust was coming from. Well, that is what happens between Courtney and Ryan.

Courtney has been divorced for a year now. Having gone through the ringer with her ex, she is trying to get her life back on track. I really felt for Courtney because her life mirrors so many friends that I know. And I was very proud of her for "going for it!" I even love the little part that she went out and bought new work-out clothes for him. That gave me the giggles. Oh just think about how many times you went out and bought something special for the hot person you knew you were going to see again. Anyway...Courtney is a sheer delight!

Ryan, well... he is what most women dream of...a real life firefighter! Ohhh yeah, all hot, sexy, hard, and very delicious! He has his own battles he is dealing with. Being a firefighter does not come without some loses. Losing some of his friends in a fire a while back still kinda haunts him; but with Courtney's help... he'll be able to move forward.

It was wickedly hot to see this couple come *ha* together and become a very hot couple! The story was short, yes it is... but oh man.what an awesome quickie! Ms. Lane really rocked me with this short story. I have never been this hot over such a short story. Did I want more, YES ~ but at the same time, the story was enough. Ms. Lane gave me all the details that I needed to wrap up this story in a blazing fire!

Book Blurb for Too Hot

The moment certified personal trainer Courtney Robinson laid her eyes on fireman Ryan Cornell, she was hooked. The muscular and handsome fireman must be starting more fires than he was putting out. Ryan was certainly the first man she had lustful thoughts for since her heartbreaking divorce one year ago. When Ryan requested her Monday Moaning gym class, the fiery blonde jumped at the chance. Who would have known that their passion would ignite a flame that rocked them both to the core? 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 5.00