Rough Edges

I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review...

Oh my gosh where to start. First off, Ms. Ashlynn is a very new to me author, but new does not mean that she was all sugar and spice with her writing... actually the woman is more like saucy and hot!!!! And omg the woman can write. She had my emotions so raw that I had to make sure I was not in the book with these characters. She strips you bare from soul to sole (pun intended) and puts you back together whole again. This story rocked my socks off. From tortured (no lie!!!) hero to a heroine with a backbone and a baseball bat!! Her characters are so well written, you believe that she has taken pages from someone's journal (my dream journal) and made it into a book. She deliveries her words so thick that you are left holding your breath, waiting for the next line. This story twisted my heart, made my soul cry, made me cross my legs and blush more times than I care to admit. Well, actually I would admit it... I did this for the the whole story!!

Beeca is a woman coming out of an abusive marriage; a woman who came out stronger than when she went in it. She is able to stand on her own two feet and feel proud of that. I loved her for that. She was not a wishy washy woman, she did not contemplate rather she would take the jerk back or not... she was a woman set out to live her life and move on. She might often seek the shadows (or corners) compared to her best friend Summer, who loved to live life out to the fullest and did not care who saw her or what they thought. Becca was the meek one, the quiet one. But being meek does not mean she does not have a backbone. She stood firm in what she believed in and she stood up to "the jerk" and to Jake.

Jake is a man bent on believing that he is a worthless piece of trash like his father. When you meet him, you just want to hold of him and love him with all you have. Then you want to take him and shake him to make him see what you see - a man worthy to receive and give love. Jake came from an abusive family, but what saved him was his best friend's family. Mama Maria took him in and showed him the best way she cold what love was supposed to be. This man is my supreme Sex on a Motorcycle!!!! From his dark, wavy brown hair to the tip of his toes, this man is bad (all six foot one inch). Bad as in beautiful, angry and definitely someone to take notice of. He commands any room he steps in, there are no excuses and no matter how many demons he tries to outrun... he feels he has not run enough or beat his punching bag enough to escape them.

This story is based in today's time where people meet online. Except Becca is doing a piece on online chatting for her job - working at the local newspaper. This is where the story gets good... did Becca get more than she bargained for when she encountered Jake. How easy is it to lose yourself online, without the face to face meetings? How comfortable do we become typing on our computers... no voice and no face to put with the words. Just black and white...? What happens when you put a voice with the words...? What happens when you put a face with the voice that goes with the black and white words?

It will take some Rough Edges to get to a smooth finish... But you will have to read to find out what happens...

Book Blurb for Rough Edges

Debut Title -

Jake Korte is emotionally broken. Angry. Hurt. Worthless. Fearing that he will become the abuser his father was, the last thing he needs is a woman in his life. He feels like a virtual time bomb just waiting for the internal explosion. So when tiny Rebecca Saylor “chats” her way into his life and then crawls under his skin, panic descends. He can’t seem to stay away, but is terrified to be with her.

After surviving an abusive marriage, Becca isn’t looking for love, only safety. But through her research for her column “Chat Addiction”, she meets Jake who is anything but safe. He’s the one man who can make her feel alive again. But can she overcome her own fears to claw her way into the heart of a man so fractured?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 5.00