Raw Silk

This is one hot book. This is my first m/f/m, m/f/m/f, f/f, and m/m all in one book! And whoa nelly ~ this was a smoking hot story.

Camille Rutherford & Lacey Parish, two best friends, own a lingerie shop, Hot Silk's. The formed it from bottom up and it is doing well. It is doing so good that an Atlanta shopping mall wants them in their store. Enter Malcolm Neville to the group. He was there as representation for the mall, to asses **cough cough** Hot Silk and it's owners. His own assets were not all that bad either.

Well, why discuss business in a stuffy office, on a Friday evening, when you can go to the local tavern and discuss it over drinks. Using Camille's words, "Kill two birds with one stone - get Malcolm's blessing on her proposal and let loose a little. (pg 10)" Not having anything other than spreadsheets to do, Camille's thought was: what the hell, why not. What she had to lose?

Camille agrees to go have drinks with Malcolm at the bar. Being in her right mind though, she makes them go in separate cars - just in case. Well, meeting at the bar was not a bright idea, but it was not the worst that Camille had ever made. However, Camille was just not feeling it with Malcolm;. not even a little. But before the thought of ending the night came to her mind, a rescue was set in motion - unbeknown to her.

Jake and Danny had had a long day, actually a long thirty-hour shift. Some times saving the world was exhausting; their are firefighters. A beer before bed sounded like a good idea. Well, lo and behold fantasies do come true. Jake spotted Camille first, then Danny. At least they would have some sweet dreams before bed. But why should it have to be a dream... why not see which one the lady would like to go home with for the night... or if it would be just one. Sensing the lady was just not that in to her "date," Jake and Danny decided to come to the rescue. One drink leads to another... and one thing leads to another...

This is store is about four best friends and explosive sex. What happens when your heart falls in love, do you leave someone or two out of the picture? Can you make a life out of sharing? The outcome of this story, I never saw coming. Ms. Devlin's writing style is very crafty. She sure made me wish I was the sandwich filling in between those two men. This was a hot quick read!

Book Blurb for Raw Silk

A wicked, no-strings one-night stand turns unexpectedly complicated when three lonely hearts collide…

Camille sacrificed romance for success long ago. Now that the lingerie company she and her best friend built is hugely successful, she has a few regrets. Wanting to let down her hair and explore the possibilities, she agrees to meet a man at a bar for drinks only to wind up needing help when she rebuffs his sexual overtures.

Jake and Daniel are two firefighters hitting the bar for a quick drink after a long shift when they see a classy beauty fending off an overzealous boyfriend. With a flex of biceps, they chase him off then settle in to seduce the lovely woman whose eyes reflect a hunger they understand all too well.

What starts as a simple, pleasurable one-night stand, quickly burns up the sheets. While Jake knows he can’t let Camille crush their relationship because of age differences, Daniel still thinks he can walk—until he gets a whiff of Camille’s best friend Lacey. Suddenly three isn’t enough.

Reader Advisory: Burning up the sheets is putting it mildly! Inhibitions are out the door with scenes of m/f/m, m/f/m/f, f/f and m/m.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 5.00