Midnight Star

Sisterhood of Jade, #3

I will start my review off with this statement ~ This book is freaking flipping fantastic!!! Ms. Jean is a very new to me author. And finding her is like finding a rare gem in the rough. I will be following this woman from now on. She created a world that I wanted to be a part of, begged to be to a part of, and finally pleaded to be a part of. It is just that awesome.

I feel like I have to tell you that she gave me everything I have been missing in my stories lately. She gave me a heroine that was all kick-butt and wickedly sexy as hell. She handed me over to a pure alpha man, all hot and bothered and all about winning his female. She had me giggling out loud and then tearing up at some parts. Oh well, hell's bell... Ms. Jean wrote one hell'va story that completely rocked my world.

Star has had one crappy kinda life. A life that most people, mortal or immortal, would not survive. But she is not most people. She is the underdog - no pun intended. (When you read her story, you will get it.) If you know anything about an underdog ~ it is never count them out! Why, because they know how to survive, they know how to kick some serious butt and how to love with all their heart.

It is either all or nothing for Star. She is a half breed vampire who was not wanted by her own kind. They abused her and tortured her until she left ~ or should I say escaped. But with the love and care of one woman, she felt whole, or as whole as she could feel. That one woman though just happened to be part of a wolf clan. Even though she was not part of Star by blood that was the closest thing to family Star had. Star was always told that she was worthless, a no good piece of crap basically. But when you get to know Star, you will see no such thing. I fell in love with Star. I saw a strong, determined, sassy, beautiful woman. A woman who survived things that were just unfathomable. A woman who loved her "family" with all her heart and soul and would go to hell and back for them. I was cheering for her, tearing up with her and high-fiving her on her journey of life and love.

Ranger. That name just sends chills (good kind) up and down my body. And when you read all about him... believe me, you will shiver with delight as well. He is definitely a Sex on a Stick man. He is all alpha, all male, hot and hard in the right places, soft and tender in those other special places. And that accent would make any woman drop to her knees and beg to be taken! Ranger had his immediate family wiped out by a House of Vampires a long time ago. The house that Star ran from. Wanna talk about things going to crap real fast when Ranger picks up that Star is his mate... His woman... And she is a vampire. Then one of his kind goes missing... and here is the screwed up part. He has to ask her, come very short of begging her, to lead him and a team back into the house of (horror) vampires that she left so far behind... Oh wait... did I forget to tell you that when they first met, he tried to literally snap off her head!

Omg... this story is awesome. I mean what I gave you up there was a tease. I mean, Ms. Jean gave me some kick butt action that really kept me reading till the wee hours of the morning. The action was so great, I felt like I was standing on the side of Star kicking some butt too! Ms. Jean also showed me Star's soft side as well. And it is not a side that most people see. Like I said, I wanted to reassure Star that she was every bite worth her weight in gold if not more. She is just a dynamite woman. My heart bleed for her, to know that she had never truly loved. And Ranger... well, you will just have to read to find out about him. Let me just say that this Hussy was absolutely purring... Okay okay, I will admit, I was freaking begging to be a part of this man's life! Just for a day!

Oh and did I mention the off the chart sexual tension and the explosive hot scenes!!! O-M-G! Yea!!!! Ms. Jean even had me giggling at one scene. I will give you a hint: Ranger wanted her, right in the middle of the mission, he wanted her. So, he picked up to take her... kinda slammed her against a wall... and the wall collapsed and they tumbled... and tumbled... and tumbled... down shafts and into an underground waterfall, lol. But will these two see eye to eye to ever fall in love with each... Or will the star's just not align for them to be together??

You know you want to find out... So come on.... Let's go see what is going to happen for Midnight Star! Ms. Jean ~ my hat off to you ~ Awesome job!

Book Blurb for Midnight Star

Love can be tricky, but so can a Lykae determined to capture his reluctant mate's heart.

Ranger is a werewolf, a Lykae with a problem. He’s found his one true mate, the only female who can complete him. Only trouble is, he’s denied his instinct to claim her. Now his mate hates him as much as she believes he hates her. Will he have to risk both their lives to finally prove to his stubborn Vampire that he loves her?

Star is a half-breed Vampire with a past of not being accepted because of her mixed blood. Ranger is just one more example of how little she fits into the immortal world, no matter how much she tries to fool herself into believing otherwise. She’s a strong female, a fighter, but when it comes to the opinions of others, she has no defenses. Why fight what she knows is true? She is a half-breed, less than those around her. She has a home, friends and females she loves like family. Only trouble is, her family is now related to the mangy wolf man who hates her.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 5.00