Love, Unexpectedly

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Love, Unexpectedly

Wild Ride to Love series book 2

Let me say that is the second book in the Wild Ride series, but you do not have to read them in order. The sisters integrate themselves in all of the book and Ms. Fox does it in a way that you are never lost, which is refreshing.

Now on to the story... Kat Fallon is the second to eldest of the Fallon daughters, she is known as Ms. Socialite. When I first encountered Kat, my thoughts of her ran along the lines of her being shallow and superficial. It went from her choice in wine (the best of the best), to her clothes (the top brand labels) to her men (they had to have it all ~ on the surface). She has a very successful job and she is very good at what she does. She is a PR for a well-known hotel; she takes pride in that. Living in the shadows of her older sister was never easy, but Kat managed it. Her parents were of academic standing and well known in their community. They wanted the same for all their daughters. She had the same genes her parents had, they were happily married for however many years. Why could she not find love?

Naveen Bharani is new to Canada, but determined to make it own his own as a photographer. His passion, until he meets Kat. He moves into her apartment building and from first sight, he is smitten with her. But... and that is a big but... Kat puts a label on him as she does with everything in her life... his label - her best friend. The person she gets cozy with on the couch to watch old movies, the person she runs to when her heart gets handed back to her after loser #x. He is the person who knows her insides and out and still loves her. He has lived this way for two very long years and he has had enough. What was so unexpectedly about him trying to change Kat's view of him?

By being best friends, Kat felt safe in asking Nav to her sister's Merilee's wedding. No complications, no romantic entanglements but most of all... no jabbing or pity remarks from her family for the guy she brought with her. She knew they would love and accept Nav. Of course Nav says yes; because not long ago, she was dumped by loser #whatever and it was time to change up the playing field. Nav had earned the title Best Friend but he wanted more. So he created a plan. He heard Kat mention that on train rides a she imagines the world is a different place, loses inhibitions and lets her guard down. So, Nav hatched up a plan... he was going to be a stranger on the train for Kat and slowly, seductively seduce her to win her heart.

Kat got on my nerves. Not in a bad way, although there were times when I wanted to take her by her shoulders and shake the crap out of her. She got on my nerves because she was real to me. She was so worried about losing her friendship with Nav that she never wanted to open herself up to the possibilities that were out there. But I loved her for all of her insecurities. Remember real being the keyword here. She truly wanted to figure out why she was attracted to losers, why she could not get her hands on true love. She was scare of allowing people to get to deep with her. She was scare she was not enough for them, or good enough. But those are reasons to love her. Aren't we all scare of showing the real us to the public. Scare of rejection, scare of being laughed at, made fun of, ~ not being loved.

Nav, you cannot help but to fall in love with him. He gives it his damnest to win Kat over. He does what some of us wish we could - he grabs the bull by the horns and runs with it. He knows he may only have one chance to prove to Kat that his love for her is rock solid and that one chance is on that train with her. All to himself. But can he pull it off. He has once shed the life of doing what people expected from him when he left home. So by all means, he was tried of being just the friend. He wanted more from her and he knew she was capable of giving it. He just had to show her that she was capable of giving it. That is why you have to love Nav. He truly was there for Kat, to show her the real person - behind the glamor. And to show her that he wanted to love her through of it.

This book had me in all kind of emotional states. Some moments I was shaking my ereader, cursing at Kat for being so stupid for not seeing what was right in front of her. Then others, I wanted to take Nav in my arms and hold him. Then there were moments I found myself saying "Awwwww" to "I know you just did not do that." Ms. Fox did an amazing job at pulling at the heartstrings in this one.

Then just when you think the story is only of the these two, Ms. Fox stirs the Fallon family pot. Love, Unexpectedly opens the door for a few of the daughters to have that "light bulb" moment with each other. And that was a very nice touch since this series is about the four of them. Because it not only about the encounter with finding love, but with loving themselves and each other. The true meaning of sisterhood.

Book Blurb for Love, Unexpectedly

Nav Bharani is in love with his neighbor Kat Fallon, but she’s stuck him in the buddy trap. When she tells him she's traveling across Canada by train to attend her little sister's wedding, he seizes the opportunity to play “stranger on the train”— and seduces her into seeing him in a whole new light! 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.75