While He's Away

Natalie LeDoux’s life is a mess. A cheating boyfriend and a nagging mother are more than enough to ruin her birthday. As luck would have it, Natalie secures a job house sitting for Alex Peck, a handsome and intriguing stranger. As she gets to know him through emails, the objects in his home and her own spin on things, she begins to suspect that perhaps Alex is something a bit sinister. Add to the mix her ex-boyfriend, who only confuses the situation further for her.

While He’s Away is a quick, short read that blends romance, suspense, and a bit of humor. It is light reading, not deep or dark or scary. The writing is competent, the plot interesting, and the characters engaging. It’s detailed, but not overly wordy or overbearing. There is also an integration of pets which is sweet and adds color to the story. The story probably would have been a better read if the author expanded it into a longer book. But overall, it’s a cute story. If you’re looking for something that blends genres beyond the standard romance, While He’s Away is a worthwhile a read.

Book Blurb for While He's Away

Natalie LeDoux is having a bummer of a birthday—single after her boyfriend cheated on her and sick of her mom’s complaints about her love life—when a handsome stranger asks her to house sit. The more she gets to know Alex Peck, however, the more confused she becomes.

Is he a passionate artist, or something more sinister? And when her ex-boyfriend Ethan shows up to confuse the matter, Natalie finds herself wondering what it will take to finally find happiness.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.00