Valentine Romance

The Best Short Story Romances

Valentine Romance: The Best Short Story Romances is a collection from four best-selling authors all giving the reader their spin on Valentine’s Day romance. The stories range from jalapeño hot New Adult romance, Just in Time, Valentine, to sweet and light contemporary Valentine Promise, to romantic suspense, Surrender, and finally, chic-lit Love Potion Number 10.

I love the diversity in this group of stories. There is such a wide selection of well written characters and plots that held my attention. It’s difficult to find fault with this anthology. It features something for every reader.

Just in time, Valentine

Anissa Blake is about to embark on a brand new life. She has a new business, is nominated for a volunteer of the year award, and has a great boyfriend named Gabriel Santos, she’s crazy about, and he loves her the same! He also happens to be handsome, with a heart of gold, and a doctor! What could possibly go wrong?

Gabriel manages to finally tell Anissa he plans to transfer his residency to Florida, nearly one thousand miles away. There is hope for their relationship, but is Anissa willing to take the risk that will change her life forever?

My hands-down favorite of the series. I have read Natalie-Nicole Bates and she never runs out of ways to twist and surprise. This time with a New Adult contemporary. Gabriel Santos is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Well written, and very spicy.

Valentine Promise

Corny Myers is a pet detective with a special gift -- she can talk to animals. Her recently deceased boss appears in a dream to let Corny know that he was murdered…and by whom! Corny now leaps into action to trap and expose the killer.

Valentine Promise is book five of the Corny Myers series. It features Corny, her boyfriend, and Pete the ferret. The story is light, sweet and short. An easy read for Valentine’s Day that will make you happy.


Lauren Reynolds has recently lost her husband. One day an FBI agent, Brett Donovan, knocks on her door and to her surprise, informs her that her husband’s death is the direct result of her husband’s association with a drug cartel, and that she may be the next target!

Together they go on the run.

Besides running and hiding, an undeniable attraction begins between them. When they give in to their feelings, will there be more after their adventure ends, or will they go their separate ways?

Surrender is a well written romantic suspense. Not my cup of tea for Valentine’s Day, but a well-crafted story by a talented author.

Love Potion Number Ten

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and Everett Benedet hopes to make her boss fall head over heels in love with her. She sees an advertisement for a love potion, and figures, why not give it a try? But confusion reigns when Everett finds herself on a date with co-worker, Royce. All of the sudden, she starts to see how attractive Royce is, and wonders if she gave the love potion to the right man.

A great little story that simply screams Valentine’s Day! It’s sweet, it’s tender, it kept a smile on my face.

Book Blurb for Valentine Romance

Fall in love this Valentine's Day with four short stories in this sweet and sexy holiday anthology by four of today's hot romance writers.

Surrender - Angela Ford

Love Potion Number 10 - Jennifer Conner

Valentine Promise - Sharon Kleve

Just in Time, Valentine - Natalie-Nicole Bates

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.50