Undoing the Swan Girl

Princess, along with her six brothers, live far off in the forest under the cloak of innocence. Their simple life is destroyed when their father marries, and their stepmother, a skilled herbalist, places the brothers under a spell of hemlock, and forces them into slavery at her swan club.

Princess manages to escape unseen, but finds herself helplessly alone in the forest. It is here where Princess meets Erick, a woodsman, who like her brothers, also suffers from an herbal spell that makes him poisonous to whatever he touches.

Princess is determined to free her brothers and Erick from the spells by infiltrating the Swan Club, and gaining the trust of Valentina, the club’s proprietress and her father’s wife.

“Undoing the Swan Girl” is a fantasy romance that has all of the elements of a fairytale on erotic steroids. It chronicles Princess’s journey away from her innocence. Although primarily she seeks the release of her brothers and a cure for Erick, the underlying theme is that innocence isn’t always the best, that sometimes it is your prison. Once released from this invisible prison, Princess sees a brand new life for herself, and she likes it. She likes it a lot. Almost to the point of losing her focus.

This is Natalie-Nicole Bates first foray into fantasy romance, and it does not disappoint. I wouldn’t mind reading more of this type of story from her.

An amazing and completely unique retelling of The Six Swans fairy tale. If you like your fairy tales hot and unpredictable, I recommend “Undoing the Swan Girl”. The character of Erick is alone worth the read.

Book Blurb for Undoing the Swan Girl

Princess and her six brothers once lived in a land cloaked by a spell of innocence. Their lives changed dramatically when their father took a new bride with malicious intent. Valentina, an herbalist witch and proprietress of the Swan Club, a club which caters to royalty, dignitaries, and the social elite, has placed the brothers under a spell of hemlock, and enslaved them at the club.

Princess must rely for help on the alluring and mysterious huntsman Erich, himself a victim of Valentina. She must infiltrate the Swan Club and gain Valentina’s trust to rescue her brothers. Her adventure will come at a high price, including the loss of her innocence. But with this loss comes the possibility of love, and a new freedom which causes her to question whether the life she once treasured, was actually her bondage.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 5.00