Twice as Nice Christmas

Places to See, #4

Jade Edmonds is an accessories buyer for an upscale department store. Her life is all about work. Her kind boss forces Jade in the nicest way to take an extended vacation to a destination of her choice at his expense.

After an impulsive late night Internet purchase of a fixer-upper home in Bulgaria, sight unseen, Jade decides to visit Bulgaria.

Nothing goes right from the start, including babies screaming on the airplane, a turbulent flight, and a sudden snowstorm. But there is one bright spot – wherever trouble is, the very charming, London living, Damyon Vadkov, is always there to assist her. They spend a magical month together, but know their time together is soon to end.

Simply put, Twice as Nice Christmas is one of the cutest holiday stories I’ve read. The choice of Bulgaria as a setting is genius. You’ll fall in love with these two characters and wonder throughout this short read how they can possibly make things work. A beautifully written romance with a breath-taking setting await you this holiday season with Twice as Nice Christmas.

This story is #4 in the Places To See anthology, but stands alone.

Book Blurb for Twice as Nice Christmas

Jade Edmonds, an accessories buyer for an upscale department store, is forced by her kind hearted boss to take a Christmas vacation. She decides to visit the Bulgarian home she purchased on a whim, sight unseen from the internet. What starts off as a dream vacation soon turns into a nightmare of events including turbulent flights with screaming babies, snow storms, and a house that is not quite what Jade imagined.

But there is one constant bright spot. It seems wherever Jade finds trouble, charming London-living, English interpreter, Damyon Vadkov, is always there to help. The two spend a magical month in Bulgaria, and love is in the air. Their separation looms large as the couple need to return to their lives in separate countries. Will this be the end, or just the beginning?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 5.00