Sugarplum Christmas

The Mobile Mistletoe, #8

David Hunter is a man on a mission. A mission that has gone terribly wrong. He left his job as a pharmacist to seek out meaning in life, to search for the good in people. All it resulted in was his discovering that most people didn’t really care about their fellow man.

Plum Watkins is different. She is the proprietress of the Sugarplum Café, and well known for her acts of kindness.

She mistakes David for being homeless, and takes him in off the streets. David has finally found what he is looking for. He decides to observe Plum from afar and to see how far her kindness will stretch. After all, who could it hurt? Will David’s little secret bring them closer together or will it destroy Plum’s trust forever?

Sugarplum Christmas is the eighth installment of The Mobile Mistletoe series, but stands alone. The premise being a supposedly charmed headband of mistletoe makes its rounds among single women and leads them to their soulmate.

David’s intentions are all above board. He’s not looking to hurt or expose anyone, especially not Plum. But his intentions are misunderstood, even a bit naive, and he does not really recognize the folly of his ways until it is nearly too late.

Sugarplum Christmas is a lovely short holiday story full of hope and happiness. It was a pleasure to read a story with two truly good people who find each other in the most unusual way. A definite keeper.

Book Blurb for Sugarplum Christmas

Plum Watkins, proprietress of the Sugarplum Café, is well known for her kindness and generosity to others, especially around Christmas. But how far can her kindness stretch?

David Hunter is a man on an adventure. He’s left a lucrative job and a comfortable life to seek out new meaning, and a story to tell the world. But after a few months on the road, he is more disillusioned than ever.

When Plum brings David into her home and her café, she sees beyond the disheveled, flu stricken man she assumes is homeless. Little does she know, David is not what he seems.

As they grow closer, Plum feels she’s finally found true love. When David finally reveals all, will they enjoy a magical first Christmas together, or will Plum be left to never trust again?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 5.00