Seaside Seduction

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Seaside Seduction

The Mac Brothers Book 1

Aaron MacDonald is the oldest of four brothers. He is handsome, successful, and smart. He is living his life as the owner of a Toronto based construction company when a fateful phone call changes his life forever. A lawyer informs him that he and his younger three brothers must return to Nova Scotia, to Highland Bay, where they each experienced a miserable childhood.

Aaron, being the oldest, practically raised his brothers due to an absentee father, and a mother who abandoned them as young children. Aaron, like his brothers, doesn’t want to return home and doesn’t need the memories to resurface.

Yet Aaron relents, along with his brothers. They discover they have inherited a stretch of prime beach property, and a run down resort their grandfather never was able to complete. A decision is made by the brothers to renovate and open a five star resort called Seaside Escape.

Enter Elsie. She is a thoroughly modern woman working for a highly successful magazine. She is at Seaside Escape for her sister’s wedding, but while there, she decides to write a feature about Seaside Escape and the four brothers who own it. When Elsie meets Aaron, the attraction is instantaneous and intense. They are alike on so many levels. They don’t believe in commitment, they have control issues, they are passionate, and career focused. So how can this lead to love?

Seaside Seduction is book one of The Mac Brothers (Seaside Escape) series. It is a stand alone read without a cliffhanger. I have already read book 3 (Seaside Rendezvous) and Book 4 (Seaside Passion), so I was anxious to read Seaside Seduction. I was not disappointed. Sizzling characters and an intriguing plotline will have you wondering how this couple could possibly fall in love and commit beyond a one night stand. A great short summertime read if you are in the mood for something spicy.

Book Blurb for Seaside Seduction

Book One in the sexy new series, The Mac Brothers.

Confident, attractive, and rich. Submissive women kept him a confirmed bachelor.

Aaron MacDonald always got what he wanted, and no woman would ever change that.

Then Elsie Chisholm arrived at his resort for her sister’s wedding. Her magazine article had her focused on the sexy resort owner.

It’s business to her. She’s a challenge to him. Which one will gain control of planned seduction?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.00