Save Me: Believe Again

Rise Series, #2

Save Me: Believe Again is the second book in the Rise Series and the story stands alone. The book treads on the sensitive area of suicide, so readers beware. If you’re looking for a tough alpha hero, you will not find it here. Instead, you will be presented with a lovely, sensitive man. The story stirs deep emotions. The setting is bleak and grey, and reflects our couples past and present scenarios. It’s actually quite brilliant. And, it’s a different kind of paranormal love story. I thought this novella was hauntingly beautiful, simple, and unique. Having read Natalie-Nicole Bates’ first book, See Me, in her Rise Series, I was familiar with the character Daniel Tremont. This story could be an alternate retelling of See Me --a ‘what if’ Daniel never connected with Carly.

After many years of searching for the woman who would complete his life, Daniel Tremont finally faces an ugly truth--he has pined for the woman who’s made him immortal after his death, only to discover she has her own immortal man that she loves. Now alone and grieving, Daniel must figure out some way to go on. He stumbles upon the remains of an abandoned insane asylum near a condemned stretch of beach. Daniel sees a woman in pink that calls to him but he doesn’t know if she is real or only a spirit. Brecklin goes to the beach to spend the last day of her life alone. She doesn’t foresee the complications that Daniel would bring to her plans.

Book Blurb for Save Me: Believe Again

One day will change two lives forever.

For over one hundred years, Daniel Tremont searched for the woman who brought him back from the dead after a tragic fire. He is sure she is the love of his life. When he finally catches up with her, he realizes he’s made a terrible mistake.

Alone in his grief, Daniel stumbles upon the remains of a long shuttered insane asylum. In the distance, he sees a beautiful young woman beckon to him.

Is she real, or simply the spirit of a long dead former inmate of the asylum?

Brecklin is at the asylum to spend the last day of her life alone. Daniel’s arrival now complicates her plans. But Brecklin soon realizes Daniel isn’t an ordinary man. He is an extraordinary man. He needs her to save him, and in return, he will save her. Can she believe long enough to alter the course of her fading life, and maybe in return, find a forever love?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 5.00