Remember the Stars

Forget Heaven and Hell…Be very worried about what might wait in between!

Leah Rhodes awakens bruised and battered in a gutter outside of the Moreland Funeral Home. She remembers being at her surprise birthday party one minute, and in the gutter the next. The world around her has changed. It’s dark and foul smelling and the air is almost electric.

From the shadows of the funeral home, a man emerges. To Leah’s horror, she realizes the man is Remy Moreland, and he’s been dead for years—or so everyone thought.

Remember The Stars is a short paranormal romance novella with horror elements. It examines the possibilities of a place that isn’t quite Hell, but is definitely not Heaven. A place where you linger between life and death, and even in this uncertainty, can a love that was meant to be prevail?

Remember The Stars is a clever little novella that packs a real punch. It will appeal to fans of three genres—romance, paranormal, and horror. The Playground Magician alone is worth reading it for. I loved it, it’s a quick (only 12,000 words) get in and get out story. The setting and premise lends itself beautifully to a possible series of stories that I would certainly read. If you enjoyed SEE ME by Natalie-Nicole Bates, you’ll enjoy Remember the Stars.

Book Blurb for Remember the Stars

For Leah Rhodes life as she knows it has just changed forever.

Waking in a gutter in the dark surroundings of her distant past, a familiar man stands out in her confusion.

But Remy Moreland has been dead for years.

It soon becomes apparent to Leah that both she and Remy are trapped in a hell of their own making.

Can one night together not only lead to the way out, but to love as well?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00