Recipe for Redemption

Butterfly Harbor #2

Abby Manning is desperate to save the Flutterby Inn from closing. A cooking competition may be the answer, or at least a step in the right direction, but the problem is Anna can’t cook. Jason Corwin was disgraced during a nationally televised cooking completion and comes to Butterfly Harbor to lay low and regroup. In the process, the two may just fall in love and accomplish the near impossible – Jason regaining his zest for cooking, and Abby saving the inn and turning it into a success.

I love these Harlequin Heartwarming stories. They are a refreshing read for any reader who is looking for a longer length clean romance. This story does not disappoint. It’s lovely to see the characters develop throughout the book, and the use of the secondary characters leads me to believe that more books based on Butterfly Harbor will follow soon. If there is one flaw, it is only a personal preference, and that is with the explosion of television networks featuring cooking shows and competitions, the storyline is now being overused. This does not detract from this story, though. Anyone who enjoys a sweet romance and a cooking theme is sure to enjoy this book.

Book Blurb for Recipe for Redemption

From the frying pan… 

Abby Manning has to take home first prize in an amateur cooking competition to save her town's landmark inn—and longtime home for her ailing grandmother. Too bad the Butterfly Harbor innkeeper is a complete disaster in the kitchen. Undeterred, Abby asks her latest guest to teach her the basics.

A family tragedy and ensuing scandal derailed Jason Corwin's high-profile career. But is the gifted celebrity chef going to let one mistake define the rest of his life? Add in a generous helping of mutual attraction and another burgeoning scandal, and it could be a recipe for star-crossed romance…or disaster, especially if a win for Abby costs Jason his professional future.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.00