Over the Mistletoe

Over the Mistletoe begins during Christmas time. It’s 1939 and the Great Depression. Rachael is in awe of the Christmas display in the local department store window. She soon catches the eye of Stan and is immediately smitten. Although it is a very bad time, Rachael is lucky enough to have a part time job and excellent parents. Her father also is able to work. Still, there is barely enough money for just the bare essentials of living. Stan also has a very part time job at the newspaper, but he is getting by.

As the story unfolds the reader is able to get a glimpse into a time of several decades ago and the ups and downs of falling in love during this difficult period.

Over the Mistletoe is a sweet and short read that vividly depicts the time of the Great Depression. Being short, there is little time for deep character development. But through the main characters we are treated to a touch of life in 1939. I enjoyed the lightness and sweetness of the story as well as the setting. The setting made it that much nicer! For anyone who has an interest in this time period, I definitely recommend this for an airy afternoon read.

Book Blurb for Over the Mistletoe

Rachael didn’t know how her life would change just by looking into a department store window at the wonderful annual Christmas display. How was she to know that very day would be the beginning of a life time romance? The Great Depression was a tragic time in our countries history, but that didn’t stop Stan from courting the pretty girl standing on the sidewalk outside the department store on a snowy day in December, 1939. (79p)

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50