Just in Time, Valentine

Anissa Blake is about to leave behind her stifling, old job at a hospital, and embark on a new business of her own. What she will miss is the person who every morning leaves hearts drawn in the condensation of a train window. She doesn’t know who the person is, or if the hearts are even meant for her.

Then one morning, she seems him – exotically handsome with a blinding smile. Anissa is immediately in love! When Fate intervenes, and her mystery man leaves behind his phone on the train, she takes the opportunity to chase him down.

What’s next is magical. She finds out that her mystery man is actually a neurosurgery resident, originally from Brazil, named Gabriel Santos. He is not only smart, handsome, and successful, he wants everything in life she does.

After they dive headlong into a fairytale romance, Gabriel drops a bomb – He is transferring his residency to a hospital over one thousand miles away.

Anissa’s emotions run the gamut of anger, sorrow, complete loss, and finally a sort of acceptance. But she does have a choice – she can either walk away from the person who may be the love of her life, or go with him. If she leaves, she not only faces life in a new, unknown place, but she leaves behind her family, including her disabled twin.

Just in Time, Valentine provides the reader with a perfect romance with a life altering twist. Do you choose family over love, and do you sacrifice the only life you’ve event known, so the person you love can fulfill their destiny? A very deep, interesting conflict inside a bright and bubbly kind of story. A perfect hero, and a slightly imperfect heroine, make a great combination for this sexy, yet sweet novella. Not to mention there is a friendly wager between the couple, whose outcome on Valentine’s Day might very well influence their entire future together. A definite winner a reader looking for delightfully different romance.

Book Blurb for Just in Time, Valentine

A new short story Valentine romance from best-selling author, Natalie-Nicole Bates.

Life keeps getting better every day for Anissa Blake. She is embarking on a new business, she’s nominated for a prestigious award for her volunteerism, and best of all, she is dating a handsome Brazilian neurosurgery resident she’s positively crazy about.

This Valentine’s Day promises to be the best ever!

But she finds out her handsome boyfriend, Gabriel Santos, is moving over one thousand miles away, and she may lose him.

Can a Valentine’s Day wager meant as a joke between the couple, decide their future forever?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 5.00