Jimmy's Christmas Present

Jimmy takes on a college project on human behavior by going to mall at Christmas time. He stumbles around, pretends to be blind, and even uses a cane while dropping all of his packages to see if any of the busy shoppers will notice and assist him. While working on his assignment, he meets a variety of elves and even Santa himself. But these aren’t your usual everyday folks dressed up in costumes to amuse and awe children, they are all a bit different. They know things about Jimmy, a lot more than they should. It might just be possible that Jimmy will receive the Christmas gift of his dreams this coming season.

Jimmy’s Christmas gift is a short and sweet holiday tale. It is written for all age groups, and is sure to please everyone. Both funny and sentimental, it benefits from a cute plot and fine writing. If you’re looking for something easy and uplifting that will put a smile on your face, Jimmy’s Christmas Present is a great choice.

Book Blurb for Jimmy's Christmas Present

Jimmy's Christmas Present is a tale of love pursued. While completing a senior project for college, Jimmy runs into a mall elf that catches his eye and then his heart, but as luck would have it, each time he runs across the elfin girl, he can't seem to get out a coherent thought. And with Christmas at hand, she has no time to stay and chat. Jimmy is two years past his last relationship and is feeling that he might not find love again, until he meets two (non-elf) women while at the mall. During his time at the mall, Jimmy meets many interesting characters, and finds himself in a one-to-one talk with Saint Nicholas. Santa reveals that Jimmy will meet the one he is destined to meet, a Christmas present if you will. And so he does...

Jimmy's Christmas Present is a great read for teens, young and new adults, as well as all adults and any believers in that Christmas magic; and the promises of Santa. Jimmy's Christmas Present is another winner, and classic Christmas tale from JR Wirth.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.00