Ghost of Her Dreams

Jordana survived her nasty divorce from a nasty man with a little help from her “celebrity crush” model Grady Timmins.

The fantasy of Grady helped her cope, and she is grateful for the distraction, albeit it imaginary.

Then the unthinkable happens—Grady is tragically killed. Jordana goes into mourning. Then something even more unthinkable happens—Grady’s hot and sexy ghost arrives.

If I could sum up Ghost of Her Dreams in one word, it would be the word “cute”. Everything is cute about this short story—the plot, the characters, even the conclusion (with the exception of course of poor Grady’s untimely demise from the earth).

Ghost of Her Dreams is a short story of only about twenty pages, but they’re twenty quality pages. It’s fun to suspend your belief and spend a bit of time in Jordana and Grady’s new world. A word of caution though, this is an erotic story, so no children or teens allowed!

Book Blurb for Ghost of Her Dreams

Jordana's dream of meeting hunky romance cover model, Grady Timmins, comes to an abrupt end when he dies in a tragic car accident in the her city. She'd known she would never meet him in real life, and even if she had, the chances younger Grayson giving her, an older divorcee, the time of day would have been slim to none. But that didn't stop her from mourning him, anyway.

Her sorrow all-too-soon changes after Grayson appears to her in ghost form, unable to leave her apartment. But as love springs between them and Grayson becomes Jordana's ghost of her dreams, she will do anything in her power to keep him at her side.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.50