Forever Red Christmas

Alexander May, a natural born vampire, lives a quiet secluded life. Over the years he has been able to curb his need for blood and energy. A few times a year, when the loneliness becomes too much to bear, he ventures out just to be among living breathing beings and siphoning off a little of their energies without harming them.

At a Christmas market Alexander encounters the alluring Tori Welch. He knows immediately that Tori is someone special. To Alex, Tori just shines. He also suspects she knows exactly what he is.

Tori has left her life in Las Vegas behind. This included her lover Marik, a sanguine vampire, and the colony of clandestine vampires who were friends. They trusted her to live among them. She has inherited a home from her late Aunt Rose and she intends to start a business. As soon as she sees Alex she recognizes he is a vampire. Though the attraction is strong and mutual, she doesn’t know if she wants another vampire in her life – especially when her former lover would not give her what she needed from him.

A tragic event, very much like one in Alex’s past, forces him to make a decision that will alter both of their lives in the most dramatic way. When all is said and done, will he find the Christmas angel he so desperately desires?

Wow, is the word I would use to sum up Forever Red Christmas. There are a lot of vampire stories readily available, but this novella is something special. Leave it to Natalie-Nicole Bates to give her readers a vampire story within a holiday story, with twists you won’t expect. Alexander May is not your garden variety vamp and he shatters most of the common myths. Tori Welch is different from most heroines in vampire fiction. She’s not quite a vampire, but not entirely human for reasons she knows, and a reason she doesn’t.

Erotically charged, Forever Red Christmas is an amazing read not just for Christmas but for anyone looking for a different kind of sexy vampire story.

Book Blurb for Forever Red Christmas

Has Fate finally delivered a Christmas angel?

For years, vampire Alexander May has lived in peace and solitude, emerging every so often to feed off the energies of unsuspecting women, while curbing the loneliness that has grated on him his entire existence.

Near Christmas, Alexander’s attention is perked by the alluring Tori Welch. To Alex, Tori shines. There is something so wonderfully different about her. That perhaps she is the woman who could love and accept him for what he is. The Christmas angel he so desperately hoped for.

But when a tragedy occurs eerily similar to another decades earlier, Alexander wonders if it is better to abandon his love for Tori to keep her safe, or is far too late to stop what Fate has in store for both of them this Christmas?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 5.00