Figure in the Fog

As Vicky Allen strolls the Lions Gate Bridge one foggy night, a figure emerges in the fog. Vicky is immediately attracted to the handsome naval officer, Anderson Ford, and a hot affair soon begins. As their relationship intensifies, Vicky’s thoughts soon turn to a happily-ever-after with Anderson.

Then the worst happens. Anderson vanishes without a trace. To make matters worse, no one seems to know or even remember Anderson. Then taunting voices start in Vicky’s mind causing her to wonder if she imagined the entire affair, or if Anderson might really have been a ghost from the fog.

Vicky is nearly murdered. The police and even Vicky’s best friend hint that it was a suicide attempt, causing Vicky’s mind to scramble even further. But an arrest happens, and Vicky feels safe…but is she? And even though her attacker is behind bars, what has happened to Anderson?

When I first began this story, I thought it was a paranormal romance. As I got further into it (it’s short—just a little over 40 pages), I wasn’t quite so sure anymore. It puts an interesting twist on the plot that I’ve never experienced in all of my years as a reader and reviewer. It’s an intriguing story that could easily be adapted into a full length novel. I like short, so I was happy with the length, but I could see that some readers would feel a bit cheated out of plot, especially with the storyline involving the police detective. Still, if you’re looking for a quick, suspenseful read, this is it.

Book Blurb for Figure in the Fog

While strolling on the Lion’s Gate Bridge on a foggy evening, Vicky Allen meets a handsome Naval Officer named Anderson Ford. They have an instant connection. This results in an erotic affair, cut short by Anderson’s strange disappearance.

Vicky tries desperately to find him, but hits one dead-end after another in her search. No one has any knowledge of Anderson. Even the waiter in a bar they frequented together has no recollection of him.

Vicky is distraught and devastated. It looks as if Anderson was just a figment of her own overactive imagination. Is she losing her mind? Words: 21221

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00