Dreams Are Stranger Than Fiction

"Dreams are Stranger than Fiction" is a collection of thirteen short stories, each based upon a dream or nightmare of the author. With each story is bonus information from the author about their inspiration for their story.

I found this collection to be very interesting and diverse. Some stories appealed to me more than others, but I could easily see how each story could appeal to different readers in different ways. My personal favorite was the chilling Time Out of Mind by Natalie-Nicole Bates. Ms. Bates spins a tale of interference in a botched execution that takes its main character down a sort of funked up yellow brick road where she encounters the spirit or essence of a person whose Fate was altered by her meddling. As she struggles to find her home again, her circumstances continue to change, and she finds herself in situations that reflect her past and her possible future. One being at the end of the path may have the answer, but will we ever know her Fate?

"Dreams are Stranger than Fiction" is the perfect collection for a reader who is looking for something new and different. The bonus information from each author is almost as entertaining as the stories themselves. I enjoyed it very much and recommend it.

Book Blurb for Dreams Are Stranger Than Fiction

The chaos of our dreams is frightening

Losing control. Panic. Terror.

Confusion. Floundering. Darkness--

And then you wake. Sweating.

Unable to relax, unable to get out of bed.

But finally... You regain yourself.

Unless-- you're an author.

Then, you grab a pen, scribble down your fears

-- and offer that chaos to your readers.

Because, Dreams are Stranger Than Fiction.

From Authors:

A. R. Asher, N. N. Bates, Jean Booth, Elizabeth Burgess, Isobelle Cate, Sarah M. Cradit, M.L. Garza, David M. Lawrence, Alexia Purdy, Katherine Rhodes, M. Stratton, Felicia Tatum, and Emily Walker

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.50